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A recommended climb when have a free day in Nairobi before climbing Mt Kenya or Mt Kilimanjaro- have fun,adventure at this Rift Valley Mountain-Mt Longonot Hiking Day Tour Safari from Nairobi Town
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Mt Longonot Day Tour Hike – Climb Mt Longonot Day Trip-Mt Longonot Day Tour Trek-Hiking day tour in Nairobi Kenya to mt Longonot

Mt Longonot Hiking Day Tour Safari from Nairobi Town

Mt Longonot day tour safari is a one day trip to Mt Longonot park located only 60km from Nairobi. Mt Longonot Day Tour day tour is one of the favorite places to go for hiking or mountain climbing from Nairobi city. Longonot park day trip is available any day and it ends up in Lake Naivasha for a lake tour. Longonot national park day safari departs Nairobi by 6am in the morning to complete the climb when its still cool in the day.

Mt Longonot Day Tour Hike- Day Tour Safari
(Mt Longonot day tour Park is located 60km from Nairobi city on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. Mt Longonot is a popular park for hiking and mountain climbing that takes less than 5hrs to climb up and down. It is one of the best adventure day trips from Nairobi. Longonot national park is easy to get to and has the best sightseeing opportunities and one can look inside the mountain crater.)


Longonot national park is located 60km on the lower escarpment Nairobi – Naivasha road. There is a sign post by the road and you will be able to get there in an hour from Nairobi. Longonot mountain and park charges are Usd 25 for an adult nonresident and Kshs 300 for Kenyan resident. This is a park that you can go to visit on your own by self drive and all you need is a Mt Longonot Day Tourmap and location.

Mt Longonot is a dormant volcanic mountain said to have last erupted in 1860. The mountain was formed 21,000 years ago through volcanic eruptions and stands at 2886m asl. The mountain has hot geysers by the ridges on the sides that spews water upwards. There is also evidence of passive smoke emissions from the crater floor. The crater is full of a forest of short trees and climbers are able to climb down into the crater. You can see some animals as you climb the lower sections including buffalo, leopards, gazelles and others.

A trail runs from the park entrance up to the crater rim, and continues in a loop encircling the crater. The whole tour is only about 8–9 km long but very steep, so that the round trip of park gate - Longonot Peak - park gate takes around 3 to 4 hrs hiking. The gate is around 2150 m asl and the peak at 2886 m asl but following the jagged rim involves substantially more than the 630 m vertical difference.

Mt Longonot Day Hike and Day trip Program

6:00am:- Nairobi- Great African Rift Valley

Depart Nairobi for Mt Longonot Day Tourgoing through the Kikuyu lush green highlands and then on the eastern escarpment of the rift valley system.

6:30am: - Great Rift Valley View Point

You will make a scheduled stop at the view point on the side of the escarpment to enjoy the view of the Rift valley floor from a birds eye view. The rift valley system was formed 5 million years ago and the rift runs from the red sea through Ethiopia and Kenya and Tanzania. The rift valley is an active volcanic area and has some of the most interesting features including more than 8 lakes, dormant and active volcanic mountains and hotsprings and geysers like the Olkaria geothermal wells and Lake Bogoria geysers.

You can actually see the volcanic Mt Suswa and Mt longonot from this high place with their evergreen craters and the undulating green rift valley floor. The view from here is just amazing. Make sure to take as many photos from here as you can.

7:00am: - Mt Longonot
Drop into the rift valley and arrive at the Mt Longonot Day Tourfor your Hike up to the crater. The hike requires medium physical fitness and you will climb through the gulleys that dot the sides of this mountain. You will have a guide and you can make some rest stops at the designated places on the trek. You will get to the rim of the crater and look into the awesome crater below. If you have the strength for it, you can go round the rim of the crater.

12:00pm: - Longonot –Lake Naivasha

Descend from the Longonot mountain for the base at the park headquarters. Relax for some while and take on the drive to Lake Naivasha.

1:00pm: - Lunch at Cray Fish Camp

Arrive at crayfish camp and enjoy a sumptuous lunch at their restaurant by the lakeside while watching the lakes beauty and the birds flying by. You can take a dip in their swimming pool after lunch to wash away the dust from the longonot hike.

2:30pm: - Boat Ride in Lake Naivasha

Go on a boat ride in this wonderful rift valley lake. The boat ride will take you to see the hundreds of birds in this lake including the diving African fish eagle which dives in the water to catch fish without ever missing. You will also go to the hippo pool and see the hippos as they swim and bleat inside the water while opening their mouths to over 180 degrees. You will also have a small nature walk on the shores of the lake while a guide explains to you the fauna and flora of the lake and its interesting history.

5:00pm: - Lake Naivasha -Nairobi

Depart Lake Naivasha for Nairobi going through the lush kikuyu highlands and arrive back in Nairobi at 5:30pm. You will be dropped off at your Nairobi hotel for dinner and overnight.

Things to Bring to a Mt Longonot Day Trip: Make sure to carry these items on your one day safari to mt Longonot including water bottle, rain pack, light wool sweater, and a pack for a camera and other gear that you may need.

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